Turistička prizma awarded with "Brand Leader 2014" award - Turisticka Prizma

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The business conference “Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in South East Europe – SEET 2014” was held on May 14 at the Sava Center in Belgrade with the aim to identify the tourism value chain in Southeastern Europe (SEE), connect all relevant representatives of the tourism industry and encourage the creation of modern marketing strategies for marketing tourism products on the regional and global markets.

Modern marketing strategies for tourism products, development and innovation in the tourism and hospitality industry in the SEE region, sustainable development and competitiveness of tourist destinations, opportunities for the progressive development of medical, wellness & spa and Eco & Ethno tourism, and other relevant issues have been the focus of four organized panels, where 36 eminent speakers participated. In parallel with the conference, there have been as much as 127 B2B meetings between companies which shows great interest for further cooperation and competitiveness improvement of the tourism offer.

The opening word was held by Rasim Ljajic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Communications of the Republic of Serbia, Maida Ibrišagić Hristić, Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska and Slobodan Unković, professor emeritus.

Some of the eminent speakers at the 4 panels at the conference were: Prof. Slobodan Unković (Singidunum), Aleksandar Seničić (YUTA), Georgi Genov (HORES), Nikola Avram MK Mountain Resort, Matko Vrdoljak Habakuk Hotel Terme Maribor. Also participating in the panels were representatives of the Tourist Organization of Serbia, Budva Riviera, Hotels Premier Aqua from Vrdnik, Hotel Aurora Resort in Macedonia, Tourist Organizations of Republika Srpska and Banja Luka, Hotel Palisad from Zlatibor, TA Kontiki, Montenegro Airlines, the City of Dubrovnik and the region’s leading media. Among the panelists was also Turistička Prizma, whose deputy director Nikola Mihajlovic, was the moderator of the third panel on “Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of tourist destinations in the region of SEE.”

The organizer of the conference, Mass Media International in Belgrade, organizes a growing number of events and a number of business professional conferences through which they provide the market of SEE useful and unique information and knowledge and draw attention of professionals and the general public to best practical examples in tourism, encouraging the creation of an affirmative partnership environment.

At the conference SEET 2014, “Brand Leader Award” prizes were given out which were awarded based on a number of standardized criteria that include innovation, a high degree of market recognition and positioning of the authentic product. The award is given for ten years in order to promote the most prominent companies, institutions, individuals and media who, through a continuation of positive development of innovative strategies set higher standards, promote the market and make an outstanding contribution to the popularization of the potential in creating a competitive market image of the region. One of this year’s awards was given to the company Turistička Prizma.